Sofia Coppola LV bags

Sofia Coppola LV bagCoppola's handbags for this luxury retailer were presented to the public in March 2009 and the collections were well received by those who valued more classy designs from this famous fashion articles brand. Her LV bags were designed for women who love vintage inspired designs, as well for women who needed a practical purse to take to work or for travel. The talented director and artist has said herself that these bag designs were made so that the women could fit the essentials in the city bag and that their purses would be practical as well.
The lines of their famous collection (which already has been proven a success) generally are clean, the leathers are carefully selected and the end result is simply elegant. The velvet clutch in black with golden details is a timeless piece of accessory and also the other handbag types from this collaboration has come out as beautiful, simple and offering great functionality. You can still buy these top handle purses online from the official website of the French luxury fashion label, also as an alternative, there are auctions sometimes offer Sofia Coppola cluth for LVpurse models from previous collections.

For example, the monogrammed slim clutch from SC line in the picture to the right has a price of 1610.00 USD.
As it is quite large, it can be used for day and evening events. It dimensions are: 10.4" (length) x 5.9" (height) x 1.1" (depth).
Inside there are pockets for small items, including credit cards. There is also a small mirror included. Inside is lined with micro fibre. The hardware is traditional brass in golden shade.

These handbags will not impress those who are for the flashy details and extravagance, but Sofia Coppola bag collection is for the everyday women going to work, shopping, simply needing a handbag would be both - a great accessory and a practical purse to carry all the things she needs. Not to mention the subtle luxurious elegance of these LV purses. Get one of the purses from this special line of handbags on LV sale and always remember to check for references for the site, where you are buying from. The easiest and safest way is always go for the manufacturer's site and you will get a guaranteed quality product.