Takeshi Murakami bags

LV Monogram MulticoloreLV Monogram Multicolore bags were created by Takeshi Murakami in collaboration with Marc Jacobs. It has been so far one of the most successes of this brand and it is till among the bestsellers among the current brand's lines. The basic characteristic of the this particular pattern handbags are the 33 colors that are used on the handbags that have black or white background. This line is so popular, because of its cheerful design and playful shiny details. If you need a summer purse, this is the line to consider, it is very romantic, very flirty and has a lots of models to make your choice from.

Among other brand bags on sale there are also some of the this line handbags, such as the gorgeous Courtney MM bag or LV Multicolore Speedy bag. The elegant Claudia bag is available in MM, PM and GM sizes offering lots of variety for those who love Multicolore purses.

All of these handbags have polished golden brass details that look really great on black handbag versions. Also all of the purses from this line have functional pockets and comfortable and fast closures. Multicolore replica Louis Vuitton Annie tote Monogram Multicolore Judy PMtote is a versatile and great handbag and its both versions in black and white look great.

Judy PM bag is a small purse with a nondetachable shoudler strap. It has golden brass hardware as usual and a comfortable magnetic closure. There are also two pockets inside. Inside is lined with micro fiber textile and the purse has traditional light leather trimmings. Purse is priced at 1,700 USD. And its size is 7.7 inches (H) x 13.2 inches (L) and 6.5 inches (D). It is planned for day and night occassions. It is available online and colors are black and white.

There are also Greta bags and Ursula bags from this fashion label. Read more on branded bags.